Welcome To House District 42


We are Oregon House District 42.

We are Brooklyn and Buckman, Hawthorne, Sunnyside, Ladds and Kerns. We are the Bagdad, the Aladdin and the Lauralhurst theaters, the Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottling companies, Benson and Cleveland High schools. We are the 28th Ave restaurant row and Hawthorne the business district. We are the Lucky Lab, the Green Dragon  and the Good Foot. Cup & Saucer in the morning, Voodoo Donuts at night.

We are the ballers of Oregon park, the runners over the Morrison bridge and the bikers on Salmon. We are Stark and Glisen, Sandy and Belmont, Grand and Cesar Chavez, Division, Yamhill, Taylor, Main and Madison.

We are blue dogs from Bailey to Blumenauer to Barack.

We are the inner east side of PDX.

We are Oregon’s bluest spot.

We are House District 42.

House District Leader Teddy Keizer giving Senator Rosenbaum and Representative Bailey plaques of appreciation for their hard work and dedication in the Oregon legislature in the 2011 session.

Welcome to Oregon’s Bluest Spot

Wanna throw a House Party to support Marriage Equality and Basic Rights?


Jackie Conley at 503-960-7416

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